What is orthopaedics?
"orthopaedics is the medical field specialising in the research, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of congenital and acquired abnormalities (including injuries) of the body's supporting structure and musculoskeletal system; for example poor posture and illnesses related to the joint and to wear and tear."
(Source: Der Brockhaus, 1998).

We orthopaedists find orthopaedics the most gratifying and diversified medical field for a number of reasons. We encounter and treat a broad spectrum of patient types.

Our treatments range from ultrasound hip joint examinations for infants to very elderly people suffering from joint wear and tear, frequent computer users, competitive athletes, injured persons and handicapped individuals.

orthopaedics offers a wealth of diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities, additionally allowing for alternative treatments such as acupuncture, probably the world's most fantastic treatment method.

But our most important job is to relieve our patients of pain, the single most frequent reason they visit an orthopaedist in the first place. And once in a while we even have patients who only want to talk...