Image source: Verwaltungs- und Berufs-genossenschaft (VBG) Hamburg
We see many patients whose jobs working on computers lead to muscle tension in the back and shoulders. Ensuring ideal workplace ergonomics protects you from back tension and enables you to maintain your concentration, increasing your productivity and creativity. Inspect your own workplace to make sure the following points are complied with:

The workplace area: Good lighting (minimum 500 LUX) • Sufficient space for free movement • Humidity of 40-65% • Room temperature of 21-22° C • Noise level below 55dB(A)

The person: Relaxed shoulders with the head held straight up • Line of sight: 25° to the centre of the monitor • Upper arm and lower arms at a right angle • Only hand joints lie on the thigh and lower leg • Sit at a right angle • Add a footrest if necessary

The desk: Size at least 160x80 cm • Height adjustability between 55 and 72cm • Low-reflection surface

The chair: 5 rollers, sufficient stability • Adjustable seating and back surfaces • Firm upholstery

The monitor: Low-radiation, flicker-free, non-reflecting • No glare from luminous surfaces • Upper edge of the monitor at eye level • Distance from eyes to monitor of 60 cm •  Position the monitor in the centre

The keyboard/mouse: Light typing stroke • Distance from the desk edge to the keyboard of approximately 10 cm • Mouse located directly next to the keyboard.